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>Constitutional Law
>Corporate Entities
>Introduction to Law
>Legal Systems and Societies
>Legal Terminology in English
>Public Law
>Terrorism and International Law
>Grade 10 Modern World History
>Grade 9 History (IGSCE)
>Grade 8 Humanities (MYP)
>Grade 6 English



  University of Waikato, 2009
Research and Teaching Workshop


One of the most important aspects of a law lecturer’s professional life is to publish. Too often, publishing is seen as being in competition with teaching. One is set up as a challenge to the other. This workshop introduced us to the idea that research and teaching must accompany one another: for one to be successful, the other must also be pursued. This workshop covered topics such as:

  • Clarifying and differentiating between different ways in which the research and teaching nexus can operate

  • Discussing inquiry-based learning as a way of developing a research-minded orientation to students

  • Introducing the idea and practice of evidence-based teaching

  • Discussing writing about and publishing on our teaching-related research.

  • Inviting staff members to give examples of inquiry-based learning and research that they have conducted on their teaching

This was an excellent workshop that covered issues which are important to every lecturer at every university, anywhere in the world. It has helped me to see teaching in and of itself as an opportunity to extend my research interests.



  Havel, cited in Rowland:

“The intellectual should constantly disturb, should bear witness to the misery of the world, should be provocative by being independent, should rebel against all hidden and open pressure and manipulations, should be the chief doubter of systems, of power and its incantations, should be a witness to their mendacity”



"Terrorism, War and International Law: The legality of the use of force against Afghanistan in 2001" by Dr Myra Williamson

Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, England: 2009). ISBN: 0 7546 7403 7;
e-book ISBN 978-0-7546-9425-0



terrorism war and international law

The book has been reviewed in several international peer-reviewed journals including:

  • Green, J (2009) 80 British Yearbook of International Law 439-442

  • Wilson, G Liverpool Law Review (2010) 31 (3) 317-319

  • Cryer, R Journal of Conflict and Security Law (2009) 14 (2) 383-389
  • Sanger, A (2009) 5 (3) Democracy and Security  316
  • Dumas, G New York Journal of International Law and Politics

The book has been cited in the following websites and in the following journal articles:

  • The book has been cited recently by Ismail, F “Guantanamo Bay: A Human Disaster as a Consequence of Disregard to International Law” ELSA Malta Law Review… and also by Engle, E “Terrorists, Insurgents and Pirates: Assassin’s Screed?”, Social Sceince Research Network (2010).
  • The book is part of the course readings at the University of Western Ontario in the paper “Political Science 3366E: International Conflict Management”
  • The book is held by numerous universities and other organisations around the world and is included in numerous catalogue holdings including the NATO Multimedia Library and the Peace Palace Library.
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